Director: James Ivory
140 mins Film4 Archive

Based on E. M. Forster’s long-unpublished novel about a young man coming to terms with his homosexuality.

Set before World War I, when homosexuality was outlawed in Britain, two Cambridge undergraduates become close friends, and then one day, one tells the other that he loves him. Repelled at first, Maurice (James Wilby), then embraces Clive’s declaration, wanting to demonstrate his feelings physically. Clive wants their love to remain platonic – a repressed aristocrat, more than anything, he fears exposure and disgrace. He soon follows convention and gets married. Maurice is devastated. But then he meets Scudder (Rupert Graves), the gamekeeper on Clive’s estate, and they fall into a passionate sexual affair.


Maurice received the Best Actor (James Wilby and Hugh Grant), Golden Osella and Silver Lion awards at Venice Film Festival 1987.