• Rebecca


    Based on the 1975 short story by Donald Barthelme, ‘Rebecca’ tells the story of a woman called Rebecca Lizard whose body happens to also

  • Naptha


    Faraz’s quiet life working at an isolated petrol station is turned upside down when his ageing father Malik begins to speak in a long-for

  • Boat


    A young deaf girl comes to live on a boat owned by a big talker.

  • Bush

    Bush is the bold, humorous and heartfelt story of Frida, a 17-year-old girl from West Lon

  • Work


    Jess is an eighteen-year-old from London balancing her responsibilities as a daughter with her ambitions of a career in dance.

  • Unseen


    A cleaner in a brand new apartment block begins to suspect one of the residents is a victim of domestic abuse.

  • Polar Bear


    From Aaron as a young boy first encountering the bear, to ten years on, where his own rage finally explodes.

  • The Briny


    A recently divorced woman believes she is experiencing a sympathetic pregnancy with Kate Middleton.

  • Captcha


    Arthur Darvill and Amy Beth Hayes star in director Edward Tracy's stylish, steampunk noir thriller.

  • The Curse


    Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When she is caught by a small boy, all she wants to do is go home.